So it’s here, now what?

1. Be excited!Your lazy sack has arrived.

2. Remove the Lazy Sack from the Box!Inside of the box will be 2 items. The first thing you will notice is the “insert”. The insert is the foam wrapped in the liner. (see picture to left). A liner has already been sewn around the foam. It is wrapped in plastic for shipping. Secondly, you’ll find your Microfiber Suede Fabric cover. This will also be in protective plastic covering.

3. Unwrap Foam and LinerThe insert is wrapped and bound right before shipping to ensure that your USA-made-foam is fluffy! Remove the plastic and cords. Be careful not to cut through the liner!

You will never remove the foam from the liner.

4. Fluff Your Lazy SackThe foam will need your help expanding. It will still be in a block shape when you remove the plastic. Begin breaking off big chunks of the foam (inside the liner). Start breaking the big chunks into smaller ones. Work it around, sit on it, pull it, flip it, hug it, shake it, massage it and break apart all the clumps of foam sticking together. Do not open the liner as you do this. Keep turning the insert over and over as you fluff your Lazy Sack.

After you can feel that the foam has been separated into a popcorn-like consistency, you’ll need to wait! The foam will fully expand within 24 hours. Don’t put the cover on yet- let it breathe!

5. Put the Cover onYour Microfiber Suede Fabric cover has a zipper long enough for you to put it on and remove it even when the bag is fully expanded. Once the bag has expanded and is fluffy, put the cover on. Make sure the liner’s shape fits the shape of the cover to ensure a perfect fit. This will help your Lazy Sack live a good, long life and give you extreme comfort!

6. Jump on it!The wait is over, bust out the popcorn and a movie.