Lazy Sack Colors

When choosing a Lazy Sack Chair, there are 20 color options to choose from. All Lazy Sacks are made of Premium Microfiber Suede. Our microfiber covers are machine-washable. Our most popular covers are black, stone, cafe, and chocolate. These colors, as well as cream, peat, and herb, are very neutral. For a brighter, bolder look, try lime, lipstick, purple, turquoise, sky, or sunshine. Wine, tidepool, hunter, melon, chestnut, canary, and sea are also great colors with a deeper shade.
When choosing a color, think about what type of room you will be using your Lazy Sack Chair. Will you want bold colors that stand out, or more neutral colors that blend well with any surrounding? It is also fun to pick color combinations that work well together when purchasing more than one bean bag, or when purchasing the 2′ ottoman to compliment a larger Lazy Sack. It can be fun to combine color categories, such as putting a neutral or deep color 8′ chair with a brightly colored 2′ ottoman. The possibilities are endless!

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