Bean Bag Chair Sizes

We have 5 different sizes to choose from when selecting a Lazy Sack Chair: 2′ Relax Bag (ottoman); 3′ Leisure Bag, 5′ Comfort Bag, 6′ Luxury Bag, and 8′ Gusto Bag (couch). Our most popular size is the 6′ Luxury Bag. It is our largest circular bag and it fits 3 adults. Throw this in your lounge room for parties or movie night. The 8′ Gusto Bag is also very popular. It is as large as a couch and can also be used as a large comfortable bed. It can fit your whole family (and kids love to be thrown on it). The 5′ Comfort Bag fits 2 comfortably. It’s perfect for you and your sweetheart. The 3′ Leisure Bag is great to use by yourself. Pull it up when watching TV, reading a book, napping, or playing your favorite video game. The possibilities are endless. The 2′ Relax Bag is great for kids or can be used as an ottoman with the larger lounge room Lazy Sack bean bag chairs. Kids love this size, too (and so do your feet!). :)

When deciding which size to choose, think about where you will be using your Lazy Sack Chair. Will you be hosting many parties, hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, or mostly lounging solo? Will your kids want a small one to themselves or an extra large one to roll and play on? Many times different sizes compliment each other and make a nice addition to your lounge room. Try adding the 2’ ottoman to give your feet an added boost while relaxing on your 6’ bag. You will love the different sizes and your relaxing time in your Lazy Sack Chairs.

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