What’s in a Lazy Sack Bean Bag Chair?

All Lazy Sack bean bag chairs are filled with Premium Polyurethane foam. This foam has been shredded into pieces about the size of popcorn. Polyurethane is the same type of foam used in couches and seat cushions. It is extremely comfortable, especially when it has been shredded and put into a Microfiber Suede cover.

One extremely nice feature is that all our foam has been made in theUSA, so it is much fluffier than the foreign-manufactured foam that many of our competitors use. Why is it fluffier do you ask? Because the foam has not been compressed for long periods of time. The reason this is so significant is that the longer foam is compacted, the quicker it breaks down. Our foam is shredded and compacted in house just days before we ship it to you! The foam comes inside of a liner when you receive it, so you don’t have to deal with a mess. Just remove the plastic wrap, and let the foam expand!

You can always purchase more of our Premium Polyurethane foam. We always fill our chairs to a comfortable level. You always have the option to fill it even more. We want you to enjoy your Lazy Sack Chair in your way.
Rest assured that while you lounge around on your Lazy Sack, you are resting on premium made material designed specifically for you!

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