Why Buy a Bean Bag Chair?

All our bean bag chairs are made of Premium Microfiber Suede. Each bean bag chair comes with a cover and a free liner, making it easy to remove the fabric cover without foam getting all over the place. Our microfiber covers are machine-washable.


The foam from our bean bag chairs is all made in the USA. So what difference does that make? Our foam hasn’t been compressed in a plastic wrap for weeks. Many other bean bag chair companies make their products over seas and they keep their foam compressed for weeks and sometimes even months. The polyurethane foam looses its memory and will never fully expand again. You will feel a difference in comfort. The foam in your bean bag chair is light and fluffy! The fabric we use is also made in the USA, so it is thick and durable.


Our bean bag chairs have an amazing price! Our discounts are great; compare buying a sofa to purchasing our 8 foot bean bag chair, which fits the same (if not more) amount of people. What a great deal!


Shipping our bean bag chairs has never been easier! You purchase your bean bag chair, we pay for shipping. It doesn’t get much easier than that.



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